Revitalize and re-energize your senses. Begins with a dry exfoliation, next a warming body lotion will be massaged into your skin to hydrate with a blend of plant extracts and vitamins. Enjoy being wrapped in a blanket to seal in warmth, while you receive a 16 point facial massage and foot massage.
55 min. $75.00

An ideal treatment for that “hard to reach” area. A cleansing and exfoliation, followed by a light massage on the back, finished with a masque followed by warm compresses. to help aid in the removal of impurities. Leaving your skin fresh and clean.
45 min. $60

Aromatic hydrating salt with oils and minerals are applied to the body to eliminate dead skin cells and improve circulation. Completed with a hydrating lotion application. Results are a smooth feeling skin with a healthy glow
25 min $60.00

Purify, detoxify and rebalance within our unique method that uses the ocean’s elements of sea mud, sea salts and sea water. Begins with a light body scrub,then by a rich mud application where then you are wrapped in a solar blanket. Finished w/ our six shower heads gently pulsating warm water over your entire body. Completed with a light massage to achieve and maintain good health.  55 min. $90.00


This deeply hydrating treatment will uplift your spirits and bring a soft glow to the skin, leaving it delicately scented with tangerine and pomegranate. We begin with a dry exfoliation, gently lifting away devitalized skin cells, revealing a softer, fresher complexion beneath. We then massage a generous coating of butter cream into your skin before wrapping you in a deliciously warm cocoon wrap. As you relax and soak in this botanical goodness, we will offer you a hair and scalp treatment and finish with a mist of tangerine and pomegranate oil spray. $80