Polish change



french polish to any service






Aromatic soaking and cleansing of the fingernails, followed by a soothing massage for hands and arms.


A 14 day gloss manicure that  goes on like a  polish but cures like a gel with an LED light. Dries instantly with no chips or smudges.



A hand softening experience. Hands are treated to an exfoliated scrub and masque then wrapped in warm, aromatic towels to soften the skin. Finished with a soothing massage and polish.
40 min. $30.00



Dries rock hard in 5 minutes. Strengthens natural nails. Vegan product. High gloss non-yellowing. $25



Enjoy your feet being soaked in a warm whrlpool bath while seated in our reclining heated massage pedicure chairs. Your nails are then groomed and your callouses softened, lower legs and feet will be exfoliated followed by a pampering moisturizing massage.  45 min. $30.00



This luxurious service begins with an aromatherapy foot soak, followed by an exfoliated scrub of feet and legs. Your feet are then masqued and wrapped in warm, aromatic towels, and ending in a relaxing foot and lower leg massage, leaving you feeling smooth and soft.  55 min. $40.00


aromatherapy foot treatment

Relax in a warm blanket while your feet soak in an assortment of aromatherapy essential oils. While relaxing, enjoy a 16 point facial pressure massage along with a scalp and shoulder massage. Your feet are then exfoliated and completed with a massage. Polish is not included in this service. 25 min. $35.00


warm stone pedicure

Relax with a soothing foot soak; next your feet are thoroughly exfoliated to remove roughness and dry skin. Warm basalt lava stones are then incorporated into your massage rubbing away all your tension. 55 min. $50.00



A busy and active lifestyle can lead to build up of hard skin and calluses on the foot. The callus peel using alpha hydroxyl acids, softens hard calluses quickly leaving your skin silky smooth. The orange peel patch is wrapped around the bottom of your feet, lifting the calluses up and off your feet. Once soaked, a sloughing file is used to remove most of the callus, finished with a moisturizer to leave soft, fresh, new skin.
60 min. $45.00


A treat for the feet; featuring the special scents of the season. Inquire about each session. 55 min. $45.00